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LawRun - Version 12-B3 (01/05/2020)

  • LawRun - Version 12-B3 (01/05/2020)


-Upstream to 4.9.220
-Full Los Rebase -- Clean Source
-Fix Dipper brightness slider
-Fix Freezes
-Enable Cpu Caf boost
-Enable Crc Check
-Update Latest drivers (Fts Touch , FingerPrint, Wifi, GPU, Audio & Thermals)
-JoyStick Gamers. Enable HIDs (NINTENDO, Sony, Microsoft & Others..)
-Improve LawRun NVT touch drivers
-Improve GPU Power consumbtion (Better performance)
-Improve charging
-Improve Power consumbtion
-Improve Performance
-Miscellaneous changes and fixes


‣ Download - Here  Oc-Build - Q-Firmwares

‣ Download - Here  Sk-Build - Q-Firmwares

‣ Source.Build - Here