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LawRun - Version 13-B4 (27/06/2020)

  • LawRun - Version 13-B4 (27/06/2020)
build (sdm845)

•Upstreamed to 4.9.228
•Upstream to LawRun nvt touch drivers v0.2
•cpu improvements
•sched improvements
•Try to fix freezes

•Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
•You can use it with dipper-beryllium-polaris
•You can use our Profiles APP now check our website
•Profiles already included in this build you dont have to flash it seperately
•Now you will have Two way to setup thermals (magisk or built-in)

Please read this before asking any question

Please Download our app from here

--Warning You Might face freezes and Lose your apps partition (Data)-- (Flash Our seperated profiles 1.0 from here to avoid this issue)


➤Version 13.B4+ (30/08/2020) - Sdm845

•Because you dont read anything I Forced the fix without profiles but the build will never work without Root (Magisk)
•You cannot use the build without Magisk...

‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - Q-Firmwares (Your Risk)

‣ Download - Here  Stock -Build - Q-Firmwares

‣ Source.Build - Here



  1. Replies
    1. I am using corvus os 3.5 and lawrun v13 b4 and during pbg my fps drops upto 41 during hot drops

  2. what different between oc n stock

    1. Oc, you can choose 65Hz-69Hz and stock just 65Hz

  3. when does the stable version of the v13 will be released?????

  4. Corvus os 4.5 n lawrun 13 B4 sd 845 (4.9.228).is perfect combination on gaming and normal use's....Dhasu performance
    Perfectly work thermal profile