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LawRun - Version 5k.Celebration (19/06/2020)

  • LawRun - Version 5k.Celebration (19/06/2020)
5k.Celebration build (sdm845)

...New Brand Source...
•••clean los rebase
•Use GCC 03 Optimizations
•Upstreamed to 4.9.227
•Merged latest caf updates at LA.UM.8.3.r1-07900-sdm845.0
•New brand LawRun nvt touch drivers v0.1
•pocket judge (better standby)
•fix network speed indicator for miui based roms
•fps counter support
•bluetooth connection improvements
•thermal improvements
•cpu power consumption improvements
•usb fast charging / disabled by default
•fsync toggle & dynamic / disabled by default
•fingerprint hack (speed side)
•f2fs support
•sound and vibration control support
•schedtune boost improvements
•gpu power consumption, standby & heat improvements
•charging improvements (fix heat + disconnect at 46c)
•heat improvements
•cpu improvements
•ram management improvements
•power consumbtion improvements
•support for kcal & klapse
•L1 Support
•network speed improvements (westood)
•dts eagle support
•fix doze mode with dipper users
•add zen-anxiety-Maple-Sio-Tripndroid-fiops /scheduler
•boeffla_wl_blocker support
•simple_LMK / disabled
•Drivedroid Support
•backlight min support
•Toggle-Crc Check / enabled by default
•aircrack-ng rtl88XXAU
•NGS & rip nsg support
•Pixel 3 Energy Model (with lawrun modifications)
•WireGuard support
•add Runutil, alucardsched, blu_schedutil, darknesssched, electroutil, helix_schedutil, pixel_schedutil, pixel_smurfutil, pixutil, pwrutilx, smurfutil & smurfutil_flex
•Improve cpu performance, Gpu performance, ram management & heating management
•lighter kernel (delete useless configs)

•Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
•You can use it with dipper-beryllium-polaris
•You can use our Profiles APP now check our website
•Profiles already included in this build you dont have to flash it seperately
•Now you will have Two way to setup thermals (magisk or built-in)

Please read this before asking any question

Please Download our app from here

--Warning You Might face freezes and Lose your apps partition (Data)-- (Flash Our seperated profiles 1.0 from here to avoid this issue)


➤Version 5k+.Celebration (30/08/2020) - Sdm845

•Because you dont read anything I Forced the fix without profiles but the build will never work without Root (Magisk)
•You cannot use the build without Magisk...

‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - Q-Firmwares (Your Risk)

‣ Download - Here  Stock -Build - Q-Firmwares

‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - Pie-Firmwares (Your Risk)

‣ Download - Here  
Stock -Build - Pie-Firmwares

‣ Source.Build - Here



  1. After this update my screen just turns off and on after a few seconds. On mi 8

    1. your systemUI is crashing
      you can use the 60 hz or stock build

    2. Still doesn't work. I've flashed the stock build and now the screen turn white with dots for 1 second. I'm going to stick with the previous version

  2. It isn't the settings the screen just turns black for 2 secs and then on again

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. GPU Improvements? Is it still at 820Mhz? Any consideration to jump to 835/830mhz?

    Saw a video of benchmarks being done and it got a lower single core score than usual; Is there a reason for that? (

    PS. Love the Lawrun Kernel ...Jumped from Seshstation and NGK but as soon as I got Lawrun I never went back! So keep up the awesome work and congrats on the 5k!!!

  6. Touch freezes in this build please fix it ASAP. Using your kernel for very long time never faced any problem till now. Dont want to use HN version, that versions doesn't have 65 hz display.

  7. Touch freezes randomly anytime. Mostly when playing videos. Tried L and O with 60hz

  8. Im facing calling issue on jio volte. Calls are not connecting. Plz help

  9. Mi8, экран периодически подвисает и выключается