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LawRun - Version 13.0_New.Delhi (19/07/2020) - Sdm845

  • LawRun - Version 13.0_New.Delhi (19/07/2020) - Sdm845


•Upstream Kernel Module (v13.0_New.Delhi)
•Upstream Profiles Module (v1.1)
•Update Our Magisk Thermals (v0.2) - inspired From PAW9AN THERMALS v1 Thanks DUDE PAW9AN
•Upstream Ramdisk (v13.0_New.Delhi) - Profiles Improvements, gaming profile forced to 1800mah & Fix Gpu stuck in some roms

•Latest nvt Touch Drivers - Fix touch freezes Needs to lock and unlock your phone & better touch response
•Upstream Audio & Wifi drivers - Based on tag 'LA.UM.8.3.r1-08100-sdm845.0'
•Upstream Linux - Upto '4.9.230'
•Update Thermals - Improve heat management, CPU Throttling & Battery backup
•Enable power efficient WQ - Powersupply, wifi, Audio, gpu & thermals
•Sched improvements - fix screen freezes Needs to force reboot your phone
•Add Panel Tweaks - Improve your active drain
& More; try and Judge

•You might see charging scripts (disappear) this means you are on gaming profile dont panic this is because we forced charging speed to 1800mah to play with charging without heat - if you want them back just apply any other profile, close the app and open it again
•If you faced camera not working, finger print not working & any freezes dont panic just reboot to recovery and dirty flash kernel without clearing dalvic or cache or anything then reboot and enjoy•To avoid Fake battery temp.. instead of rebooting your device power it off and on again
•Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
•You can use it with dipper-beryllium-polaris
•You can use our Profiles APP now check our website
•Profiles already included in this build you dont have to flash it seperately

•Now you will have Two way to setup thermals (magisk or built-in)

Please read this before asking any question
Please Download our app from here

 --Build Pics--


‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - Q-Firmwares (Your Risk)

‣ Download - Here  Stock -Build - Q-Firmwares

‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - Pie-Firmwares (Your Risk)

‣ Download - Here  Stock -Build - Pie-Firmwares

‣ Source.Build - Here



  1. Waiting for v14.
    I'm on v13B4 and Slingshot for me on Poco F1 is 7225.
    Slingshot Extreme = (OpenGL = 5400-5480) + (Vulkan = 4900 - 5000).

    Can't wait to see a more stable performance with freeze fixes for ROMS on v14.
    I'm on Bliss ROM v12.9 and I get Frequency freeze issues sometimes as well as the very rare screen/touch freeze issue.

    Once again, I can't wait to get a Lawrun v14 soon!

  2. i am using MIUI 12, I cannot wake up my phone with my fingerprint at 8 o'clock every morning. I am going back to the v13B4 version

  3. I can't download this karnel because of various Ads and this shit GP Link system.... this is a hell website now a days

  4. Got very less ads to see, please add 100 more ads and make it undownloadable😠

  5. Fuck off lawrun, if you wanted to make money the you can ask for it.

  6. i face too much heating issue while playing pubg its around 49c . Help me why this happen