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LawRun - Version 0.1 (05/09/2020) - Sdm660


  • LawRun - Version 0.1 (05/09/2020) - Sdm660

Maintainer: Petro


+ Kcal & Klapse Support add kcal pramters

+ Cpu idle Improvements

+ Miui Support 

+ Enable Ulps

+ Enable Dynamic Fps Support

+ Fast Charge To 2400 Ma

+ and add iwpriv binary and ported Mon0 monitor for Wlan0 (mon0en to active ,mon0dis To disable) mac802-11 injection support

+ Built Using Clang-12 With Thin-lto Support

+ F2fs Support (Look For F2fs Patch)

+ Scheduler improvements

+ System wide power efficient workque

+ Sound control

+ scheduling more power efficient

+ Support for TTL fixation

+ Merged Latest Caf and Upstreamed To linux Stable 4.4.232

+ FSYNC Control On/off Toggle 

+ Better Cpu Deep sleep 

+ Dynamic bitclk

+ improvments For Nvt-touch Driver For bitter touch

+ Support (Gpu boost) from Devfreq

- Reduce Thermal throttling

- Removed Unnecessary defconfig Lines And Debugging Tracing Logs

+ Support For Fkm( Franco Kernel Manager)

+ Ported Amoled Colours To Lavender (Fkm)

+ Dynamic bitclk support

+ Massive ramdisk changes

+ Lot Of Updates For dts

+ Many Opmization and Features :)

+ Enable support for KVM (virtualization)

+ Smart keycheck installition method

+ Touch paint module


•Init build

•Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
•You can use it with redmi note 7 (Lavender)
•For now still no profiles

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