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LawRun - Version 15.0_Cairo (26/09/2020) - sdm845


  • LawRun - Version 15.0_Cairo (26/09/2020) - sdm845

↝Maintained by negrroo
Celebrating with Egypt My Country 💓👅


  • Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
  • You can use it with dipper-beryllium-polaris
  • You can use our Profiles APP now check our website ⇢Latest app link
  • Profiles already included in this build you dont have to flash it seperately
  • Now you will have Two way to setup thermals (magisk or built-in)

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    Stock Builds ↓↓↓

    Download - Here  - (A11 - A10)

    Download - Here  - (A9)

    Overclock Builds ↓↓↓   (Your Risk 🔥)

    Download - Here  - (A11 - A10)

    Download - Here  - (A9)

    Source Build   Here
    Source Zip   Here



    1. What's the new A9 , A10, A11 about ?

    2. Replies
      1. i tested the 65hz OC Lawrun v13.5 and Lawrun v14.0 before on Corvus 7.5 everything was smooth except for some touch latency very rarely and the restricted access to storage due to Selinux which can be fixed with the Selinux Magisk Module.

        I also tested those Lawrun versions on Corvus 9.0 turns out apps could just crash out of the blue along side complete UI Freeze ... Tried using default Corvus 9.0 Kernel and everything was fine even SeshKernel 5.2 (67hz) was fine too but LawRun outperforms it in gaming ... FPS drops are common with SeshKernel but LawRun does an amazing job at keeping games smooth af 🔥

        I hope they find a fix for this since Corvus 9.0 came with latest Adreno Graphics Drivers (v464)

        I am now gonna try a complete wipe of system , data , dalvik, cache and vendor as well I didn't wipe vendor before so maybe that could be the issue as well ...

        If the problem still persists I am going to revert back to Corvus 7.5 with LawRun Kernel simply because LawRun is really smooth from other kernels , performance is crispy sharp and the modules you get to choose on installation saves a lot of time

        It won't matter if I can't get the latest Adreno drivers at this point I just want LawRun ... There's an issue with Corvus 7.5 not being able to work with the latest Adreno drivers

    3. Just a small update:
      LawRun v15.0 seems to be the best version so far I just installed it a few moments ago and the touch latency feels amazing ... The internal storage problem can now be fixed without the user manually flashing Selinux Permissive (the option is now available when picking the modules you want installed alongside the kernel)

      Gonna be installing CoDM soon to see if there's a difference in gaming 😊

    4. Well I've Tried all Kernels for My Poco and I am in Legendry Rank in CoD Mobile, I aim fast so I need low touch latency. I must say No Kernel Come Close to Lawrun in terms of touch Latency, Touch in this kernel is godlike, I always use the 69Hz version and thats the maximum my phone supports, The UI smoothness is next level, This Kernel keep the phone cool even with it's default thermals, most of the time I Use T1 V8 thermals with this kernel, Im in Android 11 awaken Os with V15 of this Kernel and V490 Adreno Drivers, Android 11 supports Magisk Module version of 490 driver, so with this kernel and V490 of driver, I've Never seen this much performance in COD mobile on my Poco. Mind Blowing...
      Just want to give a lot of Tanx to Dear Developer and his hard work...
      U Keep The Old Beast alive!

      1. I agree this version in particular has touch optimizations beyond any other version I've tried massive thanks to @negrro for this amazing kernel ... Thanks for this unmatched Kernel bro 🔥