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LawRun - Version 7k.CB (12/09/2020) - sdm845


  • LawRun - Version 7k.CB (12/09/2020) - sdm845

Celebrating with Our Telegram Group as we now having 7k members Thanks All


  • Upstream to v4.9.235
  • Using 03 optimization (Performance)
  • Low Power Wake-Up Gesture (BatteryBackup)
  • Profiles: Tweaks (as v1.4)
  • Bluetooth: Fix Some building issues
  • Ramdisk: New Configuration (Fix issues with fingerprint, bluetooth & Notch padding)
  • mac80211/ath9k: Some Improvements & fixes (Nethunter)
  • Gpu/Cpu: (import Some fixes)
  • sched/fair: Reduce latency
  • tcp: Some Improvements (Network speed)
  • Thermals: Kernel/Magisk: Thermals improvements/v1.3
  • Power consumption Improved
  • Misc fixes & improves
  • Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
  • You can use it with dipper-beryllium-polaris
  • You can use our Profiles APP now check our website
  • Profiles already included in this build you dont have to flash it seperately
  • Now you will have Two way to setup thermals (magisk or built-in)

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    ‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - Q-Firmwares (Your Risk)

    ‣ Download - Here  Stock -Build - Q-Firmwares

    ‣ Download - Here  Overclocked -Build - P-Firmwares (Your Risk)

    ‣ Download - Here  Stock -Build - P-Firmwares

    ‣ Source.Build - Here



    1. Internal storage goes missing from file manager after installing 7k-CB kernel. Why does this happen?

    2. Flash module permissiver using magisk. Internal storage will come back.