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LawRun - Version 15.4_Diwali20 (15/11/2020) - sdm845


  • LawRun - Version 15.4_Diwali20 (15/11/2020) - sdm845

↝Maintained by negrroo

Celebration Build (Celebrating in India 💥💥)

    • ______________

      • Adding 70hz support
      • Upstream kernel 4.9.243
      • Update WireGuard v1.0.20201112
      • Nvt improvements
      • Improve Active drain & idle drain
      • Combination between 9.1.24 and our new firmware for old panels (less latency + stability)
      • Fix random reboots
      • Fix bootloops, brightness bug & screen shutters in Android11
      • Fix Stuck freq for someusers
      • I think now we can boot on unsupported roms like oos
      • ThermalHAL-Util, pixel thermals support & Add USB Port temp
      Check The Full Changelog video...

      • Magisk is recommended if you want to use the new installation way
      • You can use it with dipper-beryllium-polaris
      • Profiles Not included in this build you have to flash it separately
      • Now you will have Two way to setup thermals (Magisk or built-in)
      • You can use our latest App now check our website Latest App link
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      Guide video to bypass shorturl easly  Here

      Clean Flash Is recommended if you are on 15.1 or lower Here
      if you are on 15.3 just flash and enjoy -- dont forget to flash profiles also Here

      Stock Builds ↓↓↓
      Download - Here  - (A11 - A10) (Less ads - bypass)
      Download - Here  - (A11 - A10) - (More ads - bypass)

      Overclock Builds ↓↓↓   (Your Risk 🔥)
      Download - Here  - (A11 - A10) (Less ads - bypass)
      Download - Here  - (A11 - A10) - (More ads - bypass)

      Our Sources ↓↓↓   (Cry 💩)
      Source Build   Here
      Source Zip   Here



    1. So far, the best in the 15's kernal releases 👍.

      It took the best of all 15 lawrun releases while it minimized all problems faced in them.

      If you are on releases before 15.2, you have no choice but to clean flash your rom and flash the kernal ,otherwise i faced touch freezes on reboots until i clean flashed.

      Thank you @negrroo1 and the amazing lawrun team for spending time and efforts for the sake of keeping our cellulars in shape.